Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exciting News

On a one-time trial basis, F+W Media (a buyers catalog) is providing website space to showcase a catalog of Abbott Press titles. Abbott Press has chosen Saint Sullivan's Daughter along with only 33 other titles from it's corral of hundreds of books. There are ways my readers can widen this opportunity.

I'm sending them information for the F-W Media catalog which, among other things, includes links to this blog, the book's facebook page, etc.  Books that have social media interest are books that catch the attention of buyers.

Something exciting could be happening for Saint Sullivan's Daughter, thanks to Abbott Press believing it is quality. Will you join in the fun? Please, invite more followers for the blog (I promise I'll post more if I get more followers). Share this blog with your friends, and recommend Saint Sullivan's Daughter's page on Facebook. Also, it would be great, if you're on facebook to friend my personal page there.

Thank you so much, friends!

Claire Germain Nail

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