Friday, November 30, 2012

"Saint Sullivan's Daughter," my new novel

Welcome to Saint Sullivan's Daughter's brand new blog.  I am the author and blogger, Claire Germain Nail. This is my first novel.  Before writing this book, I have concentrated on poetry and essay writing. This novel is straight from my heart, but it's also a culmination of years of research and learning.  To write it, I ended up studying alongside a Mexican-American curandero, as well as retracing some of my childhood excursions throughout Southern California, and reenvisioning my own childhood during the 1960's.

A self-published novel through a small press, Saint Sullivan's Daughter is available autographed by the author if you live in the Portland, Oregon metro area or nearby. Just contact me at 
Out of my local area, it can be purchased from Abbott Press Bookstore, in paperback, hardbound or as an ebook. This small press is preferable to the larger online vendors, which also carry the book and are well-known to most everyone.

Here is a brief synopsis of the story. In the weeks to come I will be sharing excerpts from the story as well as some stories regarding my journey to self-publishing. 

Barry “Saint” Sullivan is a talented jazz musician, yet something of his soul is disappearing, he knows he drinks far too much, and his career is going nowhere.  If he doesn’t get a paying gig soon, his beautiful but tempestuous wife threatens to leave for Mexico. He's just quit his job as a band music salesman.

Ceci Sullivan is their lonely six-year-old daughter, who dreams in Technicolor, converses with long-dead ancestors, and has plaster saints for playmates.  Her parents' problems taking center stage, she watches from the shadows, until a tragic accident threatens her body and soul.

A traditional Mexican healer, a curandera, knows how to help Ceci, but will her father accept the healer’s unconventional methods? The curandera asks a sacrifice that few men of this era were prepared to make.

Set primarily in Los Angeles in the summer of 1960, Saint Sullivan’s Daughter is story of the Irish-Mexican family’s journey from the rusty harbor of San Pedro, to the colorful streets, and dangerous alleys of the Latino Barrio.  There, St. Sullivan will face dangers that could end his dreams forever.