Monday, May 13, 2013

If Only Mama and Daddy. . .

Children know what's going on with their parents; it's just that they can't understand what they know. We affect them with our unhappiness. If only we can be happy and whole--our children can be free to relax and enjoy the wonder of childhood, their freedom and innocence intact.  If only we would devote ourselves to wholeness for ourselves and our children. Below you'll find an exerpt from Saint Sullivan's Daughter, a novel full of a child who longs for happiness and wholeness--and her parents: one who makes the choice for happiness, the the book and find out!

When Ceci was still five, magic leaked out of the sky, not really like rain, but just as quiet and regular. Nobody was there to help her catch it. So Ceci ran into the house to tell Mama and Daddy, “It’s raining and the sun is shining! Come see!”

They were fighting about something, so they shooed her outside. That’s why Ceci had stood out in the rain, the shining drops drenching her hair, tears stinging her cheeks. If Mama or Daddy had come out to see that shiny rain, things might have been completely different. Maybe they could have been happy.