Monday, January 14, 2013

When the Stars Flicker

While reviewing an early draft of Saint Sullivan's Daughter, a developmental editor asked me what my hopes and wishes for it were. I told him, "When someone opens my book, I want stars to shimmer out." I still want that to happen for readers. If just one star can light up a dark place in one heart, it will be worth the years it took to research and write the story.

I hope some will experience a resonance that might change something for the better, and help them believe in something good in their own self. More specifically, I hope that after reading this book people will be gentler around children, more respectful to elders, and truer to their cultural roots after reading my story.When the stars that shimmered fade and flicker out, I hope something true stays with you -- and that it is something healing and redemptive.

Here's a link to Saint Sullivan's Daughter online. Abbott Press

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